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About Balaji Media

BALAJI MEDIA established in the year 1997, promotes Indian culture on the Global Scenario and has successfully achieved a unique position in Films, Glamour, Fashion and Entertainment World. The main objective of The Balaji Media is to promote and establish new talent & new products by producing film, Musical albums, Fashion shows and Beauty Pageant and Various entertainments in India as well as Abroad which was appreciated & Enjoyed by everyone. Balaji Media is taking an entrepreneurial adventure for promoting charity show, modeling, acting, fashion design, cultural events, social events for the cause of societal benefit and welfare of the deprived section of society.

It is actively engaged in various programs which will give platform for boys and girls coming from middle and poor strata of society to show their various talents to the audience hitherto inaccessible to them on account of very high amount of fees for training. It is an entrepreneurial adventure to cater to the aspiration of youngsters hailing from middle class families and economically weaker section of society. As we know recently media company and its profession is emerging as a large professional body for entertainment, education show, modeling, fashion design, advertisement and is a source of employment for various artist and performers for earning their livelihood and also to show their caliber. But it is seen this professional field is largely accessible to youths coming from rich families, It is worth pursuing as a career only if one is well aware of the pros and cons and is willing to cope with the failures. Before plunging into the glamour world, it is essential that the aspiring models have a back-up career option, as the shelf life of models is short. Finally, one cannot blame the glamour world for any kind of instability on the personal front.

Our main objective of launching Balaji Media is to give platform for emerging artist from even lower middle class and poor background who have ambition to enter this field. Balaji Media is equipped with updated infrastructure for training and grooming both boys and girls for competing in various events modeling, acting, dancing, singing, charity show and cultural events. For realizing the vision, we stand committed to provide outstanding guidance, leadership, Physical infrastructure, media channels and alliances with leading faces and trainers from the entertainment industry.

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“Balaji Media's team is full of youngsters who are working passionately to make the career of new commers.